History of Voice First



It's our birthday! We started off as a small agency building apps to help business find their voice on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Our mission is to leverage voice technology to 10x human face-to-face connectivity.

Read more July 4, 2018

Voice Dry Cleaner - Amazon Alexa

Published on Amazon Alexa to make dry cleaning as easy as saying "Alexa, ask {my dry cleaner} to pick up my laundry"

Read more Oct 17, 2018

Web Dashboard

Voice Dry Cleaner customers can create, read, update, and delete orders from Amazon Alexa.

Read more Dec 5, 2018

Email Notifications

Voice Dry Cleaner gives businesses the option to receive pickup request notifications via SMS, email, or both.

Read more Feb 19, 2019

Notify Arrival

"Alexa, let my cleaner know I am on my way"

Read more Apr 16, 2019